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Bank Account Number
This checking account number is assigned by your bank. It is 6 digits or more. Your bank account number may appear before or after your check number in your check's MICR line.

Check Personalization
Check personalization may include your name, spouse's name, address, and optional information such as your phone number or driver's license number.

Bank Information
Your bank's name must appear on your checks, but your bank's address is optional. Refer to your existing checks to determine what information should be included here.

the date the check is written (cannot be a future date)

Bank Routing Number
The first number in the MICR line at the bottom of your check is your bank's routing number. It is 9 digits long and always starts with 0, 1, 2 or 3.

Check Number
The sequential number for your checks appears in both the MICR line at the bottom of your checks and the upper right corner of your checks. This number allows you to keep track of the checks you write.

Signature Line
The account owner endorses the signature line on the bottom of a personal check to authorize its use. Two or more signatures can be required on a check

Your Check's "Pay To" Line
The "Pay To" line is where you identify the person/business to whom the check is written.

Dollars Box
The "Dollars" box is where you write the numeric amount of the check. It is written out additionally on the amount line which is below the "Pay To" line on the check.

Amount Line
This line is provided for you to write out the amount of your check.

The fraction on your check is used to identify your bank.

Check Customer                                                                                           9-9874444/321            0301
7301 Checks
Somewhere, USA 12345
(987) 654-3210                                                                                          DATE ______________

ORDER OF_______________________________________________________            $



FOR __________________________                            ___________________________________

    |: 123456780|:    123||| 456|||7||'    0201